It’s a little over a decade since welcoming our very first patient through the doors, as DentaBRIT we have gathered many memories witnessing the wonderful transformation of our patients at every step. Since 2012 we have given hundreds of patients the makeover they have long desired.


We give you an affordable Class A service at our clinics in Antalya, using the best quality materials in the most comforting environment, thanks to a reliable crowd of dentists and interpreters possessing superb talent, dedication and expertise. Aided by the latest equipment and treatment methods, you are up for one of the best smiles, designed in a short timeframe at the pleasure of a holiday. 


Whether your needs are cosmetic or restorative we will put you toward our dental experts in the relevant field, who will take the best care while you are accompanied by our healthcare team to guide you through your entire journey.


At DentaBRIT we offer free consultation for all our patients and focus on their needs in accordance to our dental teams advice. Our advisors will go through the treatment process and its cost in full detail so there are no question marks left behind. Also there are no hidden costs or additional charges. With DentaBRIT you will only be expected to pay for what you agreed to before travelling, without any unpleasant surprises after your arrival to Antalya. 


Travel planning

We provide all accommodation organisation in the region on your behalf.

Clinical and laboratory organisation

clinical and laboratory organisation before you arrive

Time organization

We organise the hotel booking and our lab planning to suit your schedule


All necessary preparations are made according to the procedure of your treatment


We keep constant communication


The process of your treatment is reported during the procedure

Planning your return

Your return journey is arranged


Providing you with good service is our primary duty.