Teeth Whitening

Smoking, food and drink, especially coffee and tea, cause teeth to lose their natural colour or to form stains on teeth. This reduces the person’s self-confidence and prevents him or her from having a confident and cheerful smile. Teeth whitening can help you achieve your dream sparkly smile.

With the whitening process, a visible colour change on the teeth can be seen, but oral and dental health care and hygiene should not be neglected in order to maintain the results achieved. Otherwise, the white and clean look achieved with whitening procedures will not last very long.

Professional teeth whitening can be carried out at the clinic by a dentist or at home by the patient using a home whitening kit.


Laser Teeth Whitening


This whitening method is performed by the dentist in the clinic in about an hour. Whitening, all tartar on the teeth, tartar, etc. It begins with the careful removal of residues and cleaning of stains. It then continues with a whitening agent applied to the surface of your teeth. The applied whitening product is activated by UV (ultraviolet) light or laser and left on the tooth for a while. It is then washed with water. The results of the treatment vary based on the natural colour of the teeth and the level of darkening, yellowing or staining before bleaching, but the change in the colour is noticeable  after a single whitening session. This method is the more popular one, as the results are instant and more effective results with office bleaching.


Home Whitening


For the home whitening kit the first step is taking an impression of the patient’s teeth and use it to prepare trays. Using the impression trays,  bleaching gel is applied to the trays. The patient will then insert the tray in to their mouth and used daily for short periods of time. The length of the treatment may vary for each patient, due to the different colour shades and condition of the teeth.


The home whitening kit will take longer to complete In comparison to the laser whitening which is carried out in the clinic. It does offer mobility and can be used at the patients convenience. The treatment period is around 2 to 3 weeks.




Following the whitening procedure, the patient must stay away from smoking,  beverages which stain teeth( tea and coffee mainly) and sugary foods including fruit and desserts for a minimum of two months to avoid the teeth being stained as these food and beverages are more effective and harmful to teeth during this period.